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2 Questions to Ask about an Attorney Estimate

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If you are considering hiring an attorney, it is important that you find out exactly how much they are going to cost before you hire them so you are sure you can afford their services. Also, because different attorneys use different payment methods, it is important that you find out which method a particular attorney uses. Different methods may change the cost depending on certain factors, such as if you win the case, lose the case, have an extended case, etc. The best way to know what to expect in terms of an attorney estimate is simply to ask questions. This article will discuss two questions to ask in regards to an attorney estimate.  What Is Their Fee Arrangement? Attorneys generally choose a typical type of fee arrangement and then use this as their base for pay. This may be an hourly fee, a flat fee, a contingency fee, or a retainer fee. An hourly fee is going to be simple and will be the price that you pay for the attorney by the hour for as long as you work with them. Other attorneys like to keep things a bit simpler and will simply have one flat fee that they charge you, no matter how much time you spend working with them and whether or not they win your case for you. A contingency fee is going to be a fee that you will only have to pay if your case meets the contingency. For example, if the contingency is that you will pay attorneys fees only if your attorney wins your case for you, then this is going to be how you are charged. Finally, a retainer fee is when your attorney requires all of the estimated cost of their services up front, and then takes the money out of an special account as it is spent. If there is any left over in the end, this will be returned to you.  What Are the Court Costs and Other Expenses Going to Be? While you are obviously going to have your regular attorney fee, you are likely also going to have some other costs that come along with going to court and working with an attorney. These costs may include court costs, filing fees, secretarial charges, delivery charges, etc. Knowing what these are going to be beforehand can help you to plan for these added costs and have the money ready when the time comes to pay for them.  For more information about attorney estimates, talk to McKone &...

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Going Through The Motions: When You Need A Real Estate Attorney

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If you are planning a home purchase, you need to think about the process as a whole. It is not as simple as looking at a few homes until you find one you like. It is a major transaction that will often require the assistance of a variety of real estate professionals, including an attorney. In fact, some types of purchases will absolutely need to have a legal presence to protect all parties to the sale. If you are unsure whether or not you truly need a residential real estate attorney, consider the following: When You Are Not a Negotiator If you are not great at negotiating, an attorney can be a great benefit to you. There are many variables to a home purchase that will need to be negotiated, such as different disclosures, contract issues, and the actual price of the house. When you are negotiating, you will need to be aware of all of your rights as to what you are allowed to ask the seller for when it comes to the sale. You will also need to be fully aware of the legality of any deals you may make with the seller. If you have not had any experience negotiating, especially with a home sale, an attorney will be very useful. When You Are Buying a Foreclosure Property If you are interested in buying a foreclosure home, a real estate attorney is going to be essential. The home buying process is much different when a foreclosure is involved. The benefit to buying a foreclosure property is the lower price, but with that often comes more hoops you will have to jump through. If you are new to buying a house, an attorney can be really be beneficial to ensuring you have all of the necessary paperwork that comes along with a foreclosure purchase. Inspections can also be an issue with a foreclosure, and an attorney will guide you through that process as well. When There Are Seller Issues That Can Halt the Sale You will also need to consider anything on the seller’s end that can cause problems for the sale. One of the most common seller issues is a problem with their mortgage. If they fail to disclose any liens on their mortgage during the sale, it can cause the entire process to fall through. Your lawyer will check for any of those issues for you. A residential real estate attorney provides many useful benefits to the homebuyer throughout the entire process, not just at closing. If you are a first time buyer, consider letting an attorney walk with you through the process. For more information, contact local professionals like Steve Butcher...

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Don’t Settle For Less: Personal Injury Claim Settlements And You

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If you are the victim of another person’s negligence, you may want to pursue monetary damages from the at-fault party. The word “settlement” is sometimes raised when it comes to getting compensated for your injuries and damages, but what is really meant by this term? Most personal injury victims settle their claims outside of court, so read on to learn more about settlements and what to expect Settling outside of court A settlement offer from the at-fault party relieves both sides (your side and the at-fault driver’s side) of the necessity of spending a great deal of both time and money to litigate a claim in court. Offers can come at any time, but the other side must first learn of your intention to sue and your damages. This is accomplished with an important piece of correspondence known as the demand letter. The demand letter A good demand letter has prompted many a settlement offer, so the skillful crafting of this letter is of utmost importance. At this point in the personal injury process, no suit has been officially filed, but the demand letter unmistakably lets the other side know that a suit is in the offing if the “demands” are not meet. What goes into a good demand letter? A summary of your damages, including a dollar amount of your medical expenses (so far)—this dollar amount plays a major role in your settlement calculation. A projection of any future medical expenses, which is especially important if you suspect that you might end up having a permanent injury. Why the other party is at fault—even if you suspect you may be partially at fault, leave that issue for the settlement negotiation stage where fault will eventually be determined by percentage of all parties involved. A summary of evidence to prove your claim, such as witness testimony, a video of the accident, the police and/or accident report, and photographs. Finally, and most importantly, the total dollar amount you are demanding to be paid to prevent you from filing suit. What you may be entitled to collect. Payment for all related medical expenses. Repair or replacement of the vehicle and any personal property. Lost wages, including time spent using your sick and vacation pay. Pain and suffering, which is the way the accident has impacted you and your family. Once your adversary is in possession of the demand letter, the negotiations can begin. Be sure to contact a personal injury attorney for assistance in ensuring that you are compensated in a fair and complete...

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Bit By Someone’s Dog? Here’s What To Do

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Dog bite injuries are serious—some can even be fatal—so it’s important that you seek help if you were bit by a neighbor’s dog or even a dog that you think is a stray. What you do after the bite will determine the next few months of your life, so knowing how to handle an injury is important. After a bite, you need to protect yourself and your rights to the best of your ability. Here’s what you should do if your injuries allow you: 1. Get information from the dog’s owner when possible. If you know the dog has an owner, you need to speak with them. You should get their name, address, and telephone number. Don’t make this a serious discussion about why the dog wasn’t on a leash or in a fence. Don’t make accusations or otherwise cause a confrontation. Just get the information you need and leave it at that. If you were bit by a stray, see if there is anyone around that recognizes the dog. 2. Get information from the scene of the accident. This is an important step and often overlooked. You need to write down everything you can about what happened. Take notes about the size of the dog, the color, the breed, and even the name if you know it. If you have a cell phone, snap a picture. Note the day and time of the attack as well as the location and the moments leading up to the attack. You want to write all of this down while it’s still fresh in your mind so you don’t have trouble remembering later. 3. Call 911. Call 911 so they can dispatch help. The police may come out to investigate the situation, and if you need medical care but can’t make it to the hospital, you will be able to get in an ambulance. 4. Call Animal Control. Even if the dog has an owner, you need to report the incident to animal control. You don’t want to be too elaborate before you are able to speak to your attorney. Just say that the dog bit you and give the address and identification of the dog and leave it at that. 5. Seek medical care. Even if you didn’t need to use the ambulance to get to the hospital for medical care, you should still be checked out by a doctor. If the injuries are minor, you can probably wait until the next business day and make an appointment. If you have more serious injuries, you should head over to the emergency room and get help. 6. Seek legal advice. Call an experienced personal injury attorney that deals with dog bite cases and find out what your rights are moving forward. You may have a personal injury claim against the owner of the dog. Dog bites are serious, and when you know what to do, you will be prepared should you find yourself on the other end of a dog’s mouth. Contact a firm like Hardee and Hardee LLP for more...

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Three Benefits Of Having Your Business Issue Securities

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Wondering if it’s time for your business to issue some securities? While the process of getting involved with securities can be a bit confusing and possibly even a little overwhelming, the benefits can be worth it. Here’s a look at what your business could gain by working with a securities law expert and issuing securities: 1. A boost to working capital Whether a business is a massive, multi-national company or a relatively small organization, issuing securities can help the business gain a boost to its working capital. If you need help covering operating expenses or if you anticipate an increase in revenue if you can just get past another financial hurdle, issuing securities may be the right option for you. It allows you to access cash through a couple of different paths. 2. Multiple options Unlike some other types of business funding, issuing securities provides your company with a few different options. The most popular security options in most cases are stocks or bonds. If you opt to issue stocks, you are essentially selling equity in your company, and anyone who buys a stock is buying a piece of your company. If you are profitable, your stockholders can sell the stocks at a profit, but if your business loses money, the value of the investors’ stocks fall as well. Conversely, bonds are a debt security. When you “sell” a bond to an investor, the investor is actually loaning you money. Based on the bond agreement you draft with the help of your securities lawyer, the investor can collect interest on the bond at certain intervals, and then, typically, the investor can cash it in for its face value after a set maturity date. With both of these options as well as all the different ways you can configure the securities agreement, you can easily find a solution that works for your company’s needs. 3. Alternative funding When you work with a lawyer to sell securities for your business, you tap into an alternative funding source. You don’t have to worry about traditional bank loans, if your debt-to-revenue levels are already too high, or similar factors. Instead, you can simply leverage the value of your business to attract investors and access the funding you need. Want to learn more about how selling securities can help your business? Contact a securities law attorney today. These professionals can help you decide if issuing securities is right for your business....

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3 Consequences Of Sexual Harassment

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Being accused of sexual harassment is no laughing matter. There is a litany of issues you will have to deal with if you find yourself being convicted of such a charge. These issues range from job related matters to being charged with a civil suit. Read on and discover just a few of the consequences of being accused of sexual harassment. Lost Job In some cases, being in a position of power in the workplace causes an individual to make unwanted sexual advances to a fellow employee. This employee may feel coerced into a sexual relationship with this person of power for fear of losing their job. It must be said: this situation is illegal, and if you abuse your power in such a way, you could risk losing your own job. Most places of employment will likely not tolerate such a flagrant abuse of power and will fire an individual who will take advantage of their situation in order to coerce a sexual relationship out of a subordinate. Personal Injury Suit If you are accused of sexual harassment, you might find yourself being the defendant in a civil suit. An individual who has suffered from sexual harassment, especially at the work place, can seek damages from the individual who harassed them. The plaintiff in such cases can seek out monetary compensation for any sort of mental and physical injuries, as well as any mental anguish they have suffered at the hands of the individual that harassed them. The vast majority of these suits filed have at least some sort of physical component involved. Loss Of Upward Mobility If a person is accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, this can set them back on the upward mobility ladder. There are a number of benefits you could potentially lose from your job – if you’re not fired. If you engage in any sort of harassing behavior, you could very well be demoted from your current position, be denied a promotion you were expected, or suffer from other types of lost wages. If you engage in such behavior and do not lose your job, consider yourself quite lucky; being involved in sexual harassment can very well put your position within a company at risk. If you, or someone you know and care about, is being made the subject of harassment, consider speaking to a local and trusted sexual harassment attorney in more depth about the...

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Secure Your Future And Reduce Burdens On Your Family – Questions To Ask Your Elder Law Practice

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Moving into old age comes with a variety of challenges, and many people unfortunately neglect to acknowledge those in the legal arena. Making sure that your affairs are in order is a vital task that will be appreciated greatly by those you leave behind, but many people don’t know where to begin. By asking the right questions, you can start to get the information you need. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the questions you should be sure to ask an elder law practice about your affairs. Settling these concerns will put you on the path toward having an organized, understandable, and easily executable estate that should help put the minds of those you care about at ease. Ask About Power of Attorney One of the biggest concerns that many elderly people have surrounds their ability to continue to make decisions for themselves. Giving up the control that you’ve had for your entire adult life can be a daunting possibility, but it’s important to acknowledge that you may not always be in a position to make vital choices as needed. Establishing power of attorney for a loved one, friend, or trusted associate can provide you with a guarantee that you’ll always have someone looking out for your interests. Additionally, your lawyer will be able to work with you to establish limitations on this power, allowing you to remain in control as you desire to be. Ask About Estate Planning The proper disposition of assets is another concern for many elderly clients. Not only is it important that the proper people are taken care of, but it’s also vital that your estate doesn’t leave your family squabbling over how it should be distributed. Your elder law attorney can work with you to develop a firm, fair plan for your finances. This will allow you to be sure you maintain enough to live on, but will also settle any questions about inheritances that may otherwise risk driving a wedge between people who love each other. Ask About Long Term Health Care If you have serious medical conditions that require hands on care, it’s important that you begin organizing that process as early as possible. Your attorney can work with you to develop treatment plans, employment contracts, and other regulations that will lay out the way your care is to be conducted. This will help guarantee that you and your loved ones know what to expect, and can appropriately adjust your lives to make sure you live in...

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About Getting Legal Help When Guilty Of A DUI Offense

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Do you have a court date coming up after getting locked up for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and causing a collision? Depending on your overall criminal record, you can end up going back to jail at the end of your trial. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney to help you get the most minimal sentence possible for your offense. This article will cover some of the services that a DUI attorney can help with in regards to your case. Determine the Severity of Your Offense One of the first steps done to assist with your case will be the attorney determining how much legal trouble you are in. You must explain how severe the collision was, such as if anyone in the other vehicle was injured. The attorney will also need information about what your blood alcohol content (BAC) level was at the time of the collision. Your overall criminal history will be discussed so the attorney can determine if you have a good chance for getting a light sentence or not. Learn About Your History with Alcohol An important aspect of sorting through your case will be to learn about your history with alcohol. The attorney will want to know if your DUI offense was an isolated mistake, or if you have an alcohol addiction. He or she will also ask if you have ever tried to overcome the addiction if you have one. If so, you will need to provide evidence so it can be used to build a stronger case. Speak to People About Your Character It is possible that the attorney will interview people about your character. Some of the people that might be interviewed include friends, family, coworkers and your employer. If you don’t have a history of causing trouble, it can work in your favor during your trial. Some of the people who are interviewed might be asked to speak about your character in court. Come Up with a Plea Bargain for a Lighter Sentence If the attorney feels as though there is a lot of evidence against you, he or she might recommend that you plead guilty in return for a lighter sentence. The attorney will try to help you avoid going back to jail by suggesting that the judge sentences you to something like community service, alcohol rehabilitation, probation, or a combination of several things. Get in touch with an attorney to discuss your DUI offense. For a DUI attorney, contact a law firm such as Jack Weatherill Law...

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Who Can You Sue In A Trucking Accident?

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Following a trucking accident, you can file a claim or lawsuit to recover damages if you are not the responsible party. Due to the complex nature of commercial trucking accidents, it is sometimes difficult to determine who should be the defendant in a case. To help you determine who is responsible, here are some possible defendants to name in your lawsuit.   The Trucking Company Although the trucker is the obvious choice for the defendant, he or she might not be solely legally responsible for paying your damages. If the trucker is employed, you can also hold the company responsible. An employer is usually considered liable for the actions of its employees.  It is important to note that if the trucker is an independent contractor, the trucking company might not be responsible for his or her actions. Independent contractors are generally regarded as responsible for their own actions. To determine if the company is also liable for the damages you suffered, you need to review the agreement between the company and the driver and consider the details of your case.  The Government Depending on the circumstances of your case, it is possible that the government could be held partially or fully responsible for the accident. If the accident resulted from an issue, such as broken traffic signal or bad roads, it is possible that the government entity that is responsible for maintaining the roadway is liable for the damages.  For instance, if the trucker hit your vehicle on a state highway because construction work on the roadway was not properly identified for the public, you could file a claim against the state. You could argue that by not posting signs identifying the construction, the trucker did not have the information needed to proceed through the area properly, which led to the accident.  The Goods Supplier State and federal laws require that goods suppliers provide truckers with the information needed to safely transport goods. If a supplier fails to do so, it could potentially be held responsible for an accident that occurs.  The goods supplier could also be liable if it failed to properly load the goods on the truck. A mistake, such as improperly balancing the goods, can cause the truck to swerve or tip over.  An experienced truck accident attorney (such as one from Scherline And Associates) can help you decide whether or not you need to take action against one party or pursue damages from several parties....

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A Few Questions That Slip And Fall Accident Victims May Want Answered

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Slipping and falling can result in surprisingly severe injuries, which can cause victims of these incidents to accumulate large medical expenses. In addition to these expenses, they may also miss out on wages due to being absent from work during their recovery. Fortunately, victims of these incidents can file a lawsuit against the party responsible. However, you may need to have some questions addressed so that you can be better informed about pursuing justice in slip and fall cases. Does It Matter If You Slipped And Fell At A Residence? There is a common belief among some people that it is only possible to file a lawsuit over the slip and fall when it occurred on the property of a business. Yet, this is not entirely the case as it is possible for individuals visiting residential properties to slip and fall. When a person suffers a slip and fall injury at a residence, it is still possible for the victim to pursue damages. In fact, slip and fall injuries is often covered under the liability policy of the homeowner’s insurance. How Can You Expect The Defense To Argue Against Your Claim? Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that the defense may argue against your claim. In particular, it is common for the defense to attempt to paint the picture that you contributed to your own negligence led to the slip and fall. This can be done by suggesting that you tripped over your own clothing, that you were not paying attention or that a reasonable person would not have slipped and fallen. As a result, it is important for you to document the scene of the accident to the best of your ability. In particular, you should take photographs or video of the area where you fell and the cause of your fall. How Much Will It Cost To Pursue A Slip And Fall Lawsuit? There are any people that may not seriously pursue these cases because they are concerned about the costs involved. Luckily, there are many personal injury attorneys that only charge their clients based on a contingency fee. Under this billing arrangement, you will only be responsible for paying for the attorney fee and court costs if compensation is recovered. When the final settlement is paid, it will be sent to your attorney where they will subtract their fees and expenses for this amount before writing you a check for the rest, and you will be presented with an itemized list of any expenses or fees that were subtracted from the final settlement. To learn more, contact an attorney like Dunnigan & Messier...

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