3 Types Of Accounts That You Can Transfer On Death

When planning for your eventual death, there are lots of steps that you can take to make that process easier for your loved ones. One of the things that you can do is set up transfers-on-death or TOD for a variety of different types of properties and investments. Three types of accounts that you can transfer on death include securities, motor vehicles, and real estate. Securities One of the first things that you can transfer are stocks, bonds, and securities.

What Is An Apostille Document And Do You Need It?

It's possible that you might not have heard of the term apostille document and you might wonder if you will ever need one. An apostille document is any document created or issued within the United States that needs to be legalized or apostilled before being used in a foreign country. The document goes through an interesting verification process to be considered apostilled. Examples of legal documents that can be apostilled include a Power of Attorney that gives a person the power to represent an individual or a company and their interests in a foreign country.

3 Tips For Getting A Quick Divorce

Getting married is a milestone event for many people. While most couples plan on staying together for the long haul, sometimes life gets in the way. Whether it's due to growing apart with time, infidelity, or just not agreeing on a multitude of life issues, divorce is something that many couples end up seeking out. Around 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the US end up getting divorced. While you may think of divorce as being a long and drawn out process, it doesn't have to be.

It's Not Always Smooth Sailing: 3 Situations That May Require A Real Estate Attorney

When it comes to real estate transactions, attorneys usually aren't necessary. In most cases, the transaction goes off without a hitch, and everyone is satisfied. Having said that, there are definitely times when hiring a real estate attorney isn't just recommended, it's crucial. If you're not sure that your situation requires a real estate attorney, take a look at the list below. If you're experiencing any of the issues described below, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Bitten By A Dog? Know Your Rights

Even dog lovers can find themselves at the wrong end of a dog bite. In some situations, it can lead to going to the emergency room to treat a serious injury. You do not have to pay for the medical bills out of your own pocket since you do have a right to go after the dog's owner in order to pay for them. Here is what you need to know about a dog bite-related personal injury case.